62 Percent Of Homes Have Animals, Meaning Memorial Stones For Pets Are Growing In Popularity

Pet grave markers

Animal headstones are a common sight among animal memorials. This is because the popularity of gravestones for pets has increased. Memorials held for a beloved pet can include the unveiling of headstones for pets as a gesture of love and final respects. Pet grave markers are also growing more common among be pet owner communities of many areas. If you would like to show your respect for a beloved pet that has passed, order Memorial stones for pets that you have cared about during your life.

Memorial stones for pets are becoming as common as headstones and gravestones for humans, since nine out of every 10 pet owners say that the pets in their house hold are considered members of their family. Affection for your pet does not have to stop being shown simply because he or she has passed. There are about $5 billion spent annually in America on holiday gifts, so showing respect by creating Memorial stones for pets is a pretty reasonable idea.

Some 58 percent percent of pet owners choose to bury their beloved animal on the property once it has passed. While this practice is no longer common among human burial services, with about 1 million dogs being named as primary beneficiaries in the will of a human, it is easy to see why home burials have become standard practice for many people who want to honor the life of their pet once it has passed.

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