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New Puppy? Be Sure to Purchase Pet Health and Wellness Insurance

Do you have a new puppy? If so, you may be interested in obtaining puppy health insurance. Since pet insurance for dogs doesn’t cover wellness visits, vaccinations, or pre-existing conditions, you can also purchase an optional add-on policy to cover…

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Healthy Pets Make for Happier Homes — Getting Proper Veterinarian Care for Your Prized Pets

For many families, one of the most rewarding experiences of all is keeping and taking care of a pet. Many people describe the feeling of companionship as something similar to raising children, and for many, the relationship that can be…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Pooch on a Dating Site for Dogs

Here in America, we love our pets. In 2012, 62% of American households had at least one, and we spend over $50 billion on their care and pampering every year. We would do anything for our fur babies– and now…

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