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Remember your pet with a memorial stone

Pet memorial stones

Your pet was a loyal, loving friend, who shared in life’s good times and bad and was at your side through it all. Now it is time to say goodbye to that dear friend and you are unsure about how to memorialize and pay tribute to that pet.
Pet memorial markers or memorial grave stones are a great way to remember your deceased pet. These types of markers come in a variety of materials and sizes and can be used as walking paths or stepping stones, placed in gardens or around your home.
When creating or looking to buy pet memorial markers or pet memorial stones, consider the shape and material that best suits your taste. They come in granite, marble, slate, flagstone, river rock and more and most of these materials can be engraved by an engraver to include your pet’s name, lifespan, or a touching quote or message. Some pet memorial markers can be designed to include a photograph of the deceased pet along with text. Depending on your specifications, pet memorial markers range in price from under $50 to a few hundred dollars.
Almost 100 percent of pet owners say their pets contribute to their overall happiness and well being. They say their pets make them smile daily.
It’s only natural that when that pet is gone, their is a void in the pet owner’s life. Allow yourself time and permission to mourn, reflect and heal. When you are ready, personally designed pet memorial markers are a way to continue to heal and remember how to smile again.

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