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What To Look For In Dog Boarding Denver

Dog boarding denver

Inevitably most dog owners will eventually need dog boarding Denver. Before you go leaving your dog just anywhere, you’ll want to talk to Denver veterinarians or even your dog grooming Denver expert to see if they have any recommendations for you. This is bound to take some time so make sure to start planning well in advance.

Your veterinarian denver may even inform you about what you should be asking a dog boarding Denver facilities. Some of the questions that you definitely should be asking include:
1. Are there times when the dog boarding Denver facility gets overbooked? You’ll want to avoid those times as typically your dog will be crated and not get as much attention as he normally gets.
2. What are their exercise and feeding schedules like?
3. What are their vaccination requirements?
4. How’s night time staffing handled?
5. How are emergencies handled? Is there an on call veterinarian?
6. Can you bring your dog’s favorite food and a few toys?
7. How much does the dog boarding Denver charge per day?
8. What are the drop off and pickup times? Typically, kennels are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays so if you can’t retrieve your pet before then, you’ll be charged for those days too.

It’s also a good idea to take a tour in the middle of the week when the kennel is the busiest. Make sure to sniff the air while there to ensure the facility’s cleanliness. Check to see that the floor isn’t concrete and that the pet food is put away. Look to see that the dogs have clean water available at all times. Talk to different staff members to ensure they’re caring. Essentially, you’ll need to use your common sense here. Trust you first impressions.

Once you decide upon a kennel make sure that they know about any special restrictions your dog has. Also, make sure they know how to reach your vet. This is important because even with the best intentions you never know when an emergency may arise.
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