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What Is The Best Way to Train Dogs? Animal Experts Weigh In

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Four golden retrievers recently soothed victims of last year’s Boston Marathon Bombing. Attendees, victims, and victims’ families snuggled the docile and well-behaved pups, Luther, Ruthie, Hannah, and Rufus. The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is accustomed to giving love and affection in the face of tragedy. The team travels the U.S. to distract natural disaster, bombing, and shooting victims from their sorrows.

With a little dedication, even the most rambunctious puppies or aggressive dogs can be just as well-behaved as Luther, Ruthie, Hannah, and Rufus. What are some of the best dog training tips?

Don’t Reward Dogs For Poor Behavior

A fair share of owners are correctly dogs’ poor behavior incorrectly. Dogs crave all kinds of attention — even negative attention, animal experts explain. In other words, dogs misinterpret you scolding them as you simply giving them attention (something they like!). Learn to correct behaviors by momentarily acting as though your puppy is not in the room. This will be much more effective, according to animal behavioral specialists.

Teach Puppies How To Be Alone

“Many dogs that are kept in homes have a real problem with being left alone at some point in their lives,” animal behaviorist John Bradshaw explains to NPR. Being uncomfortable or uneasy while alone causes dogs to act out — and sometimes just about destroy homes. Dog training schools suggest avoiding this altogether by nipping the problem in the bud. From a young age, slowly teach dogs to be alone (and be okay with it). Leave the house for gradually longer periods of time to help new animals adjust.

Enlist Some Professional Help

Sometimes, doing all you can is not enough. If you are just about at your wit’s end — or if you simply have an overwhelming busy schedule — consider enrolling puppies in dog training classes or puppy obedience training classes. These classes use the best dog training techniques. Experts have years of experience training puppies and dogs with behavioral problems.

You can have a well-mannered dog! Carefully train new puppies using the best dog training techniques. Don’t reinforce bad behavior, gradually train dogs to enjoy alone time, and get the help of a professional if you need it. Continue reading here.

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