Is it Good to Spay your Dog?

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Whenever you see a cute little pooch or kitty looking quite sullen with a crazy-looking white cone on its neck, it is easy to feel very sorry for the guy. You might consider the fact that the dog was either spayed or neutered an an animal spay and neuter clinic, you may find yourself wondering, “Is it good to spay your dog? Why spay and neuter your pets?”

Well, here is why you should spay and neuter your pets. Think of all the stray animals you see out in the streets, running the risk of being hit by a car or eating only whatever it can find. Imagine all of the dogs and cats who have to shelter to return to in inclement weather, or if they are being threatened by another animal. Quite heartbreaking, is it not? So, is it good to spay your dog?

All of these poor stray animals are the result of not being spayed and neutered. The rate of reproduction of these animals generally exceeds the desires of those who wish to own a pet. Because of the excess, animal shelters and rescue centers are overflowing with furry little friends, to the point where they could not take in another animal no matter how badly they wanted to, due to laws which prevent overcrowding in these kennels. But, is it good to spay your dog? Isn’t an “unnecessary” surgery cruel, too?

While all animal shelters have the best in mind, not all places have a “no-kill” policy. This means that after a particular animal has been in the shelter for a certain amount of time without being claimed or adopted, it is seen as a lost cause, a major expense that needs to be done away with. Every day, hundreds of dogs and cats are put to sleep simply because there are too many mouths to feed.

Is it good to spay your dog? Think of it this way. Quite simply, yes. When you spay and neuter your pets, you prevent the risk of pregnancy if your pet is to come in contact with a fellow animal of the opposite sex who is also not fixed. or maybe, your cat or dog sadly runs away and gets lost. While they can make it on their own, it is likely that a pregnancy will occur very quickly with another animal with similar circumstances.

Not spaying or neutering your animals is opening up the possibility that additional animals come into the world only to know a harsh system where they can be captured for being on their own, and be killed simply for existing.

Is it good to spay your dog? Yes, yes it is. The importance of spaying and neutering your pet is tantamount: it prevents tragic consequences. Links like this.

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