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The Four Things Every Dog Owner Should Do to Keep Their Pet Healthy

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It may be a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true — owning a dog is a big responsibility.

When you own a dog, your pet is more than a companion — he or she is a living thing that requires the best health care for animals to have a good quality of life.

Whether you’re welcoming your first canine friend into your life or you’re a longtime dog fancier, you need to know these four tips for ensuring a long, healthy and happy life for your pet:

Choose the right veterinarian for dogs

Ideally, you should bring your canine pet to a veterinarian for dogs twice yearly to make sure any serious health conditions can be predicted, prevented and dealt with before they worsen. Your ideal veterinarian for dogs will be experienced and well-respected, with clean, high-tech facilities that provide the best care. Veterinarians that offer a pet hotel or boarding service are also ideal.

Feed your dog a healthy diet

Diet is one of the most important components of your dog’s health. While it may be less expensive, feeding your dog cheap, preservative-filled food isn’t the best choice. Generally, your veterinarian will point you toward a good brand of dog food that contains all the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs to be healthy.

Always have the contact info for an animal emergency care center nearby

Accidents can happen to anyone, and they are impossible to predict. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have the contact information for one or two local animal hospitals that offer emergency services in a convenient place in your home. The refrigerator door is a great place to put this information!

Give your dog frequent physical exercise

This is especially true for larger dogs that have been bred to perform physical tasks like herding — make sure your dog has plenty of exercise! Not only does it help him or her maintain a healthy weight, it also keeps him or her happy and eliminates destructive behaviors that stem from boredom.

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