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Take care of your animals
Take care of your animals
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New Puppy? Be Sure to Purchase Pet Health and Wellness Insurance

Do you have a new puppy? If so, you may be interested in obtaining puppy health insurance. Since pet insurance for dogs doesn’t cover wellness visits, vaccinations, or pre-existing conditions, you can also purchase an optional add-on policy to cover wellness visits and vaccinations. There are a variety of health insurance plans available. These insurance plans for your dog can assist you with paying for veterinarian costs should they become sick or be in an accident. Even though your dog may never get sick or injured, having a pet health insurance plan can assist you with addressing unforeseen veterinarian costs. Were you aware that there are 46.3 million households in the United States that have a dog included as a member of their family? Most of these dogs come from family members and acquaintan

Why It’s So Important to Groom Your Pet

When it comes to owning a pet, it is important that owners understand that they have a line of duty to provide a healthy and active home for their animals. This includes getting vaccinations and pronging their bets to a veterinary technician at a veterinary practice regularly. Pet grooming might seem like one of the more superfluous pet owning responsibility, but in fact is quite important. Check out these reasons why things like grooming and therapeutic bathing services are very important: Socialization Grooming rituals will help your dog or cat get used to being touched, which will help them to be more social with other pets and humans. Your pet will also relax, you will relax, and your pet will become more obedient and more accustomed to being touched and following orde

4 Reasons to Get Health Insurance For Your Puppy

There’s nothing quite as joyous as bringing home a new puppy. But while these little critters are adorable, sweet, and companions for life, they are also a great responsibility — especially when it comes to finances. From adoption fees to the crate, food, puppy pads, toys, training, and other puppy must-haves, you’ll also have to take your puppy to the veterinarian every few weeks for a thorough examination and consideration. Puppies need vaccinations, neutering, and even more. At one point or another, your puppy might jump off too high of a ledge or eat something they shouldn’t. As you can see, owning a puppy can get costly, and quickly. This is why investing in insurance for pets might be the wisest decision you ever make. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to get pet insurance for your puppy:

How Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin Can Benefit Your Pet

Most pet owners consider their pet to be family. Many stating that being around their pet makes them smile more each day. Some considering routine maintenance like washes and nail trims just as important as the services they provide themselves. In 2015, pet owners spent more than %5.41 billion on pet grooming and boarding. Seeing as the average routine pet visit is around $231 dogs and $193 for cats respectively, owners spare no cost in making sure their pets are clean, healthy and happy. One of the most important aspects of pet maintenance is routine cleaning. These days, owners prefer natural pet products as opposed to chemical-filled products. Many products that contain lots of ch

Healthy Pets Make for Happier Homes — Getting Proper Veterinarian Care for Your Prized Pets

For many families, one of the most rewarding experiences of all is keeping and taking care of a pet. Many people describe the feeling of companionship as something similar to raising children, and for many, the relationship that can be forged with a pet animal is something to be treasured and cherished for years. Homeowners often select pets to be companions to children or the elderly, and the presence of a pet at home lifts spirits and contributes to overall happiness and contentment. From time to time, though, your prized pet animal would need medical care just like you do. There are a number of health issues and diseases that you need to be aware of, and if your pet is ailing, the best way to get prompt recovery is to pay a visit to a nearby veterinarian hospital for treatment. Keeping a pet at home

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Pooch on a Dating Site for Dogs

Here in America, we love our pets. In 2012, 62% of American households had at least one, and we spend over $50 billion on their care and pampering every year. We would do anything for our fur babies– and now we can take it to the next level by enrolling them in a dating site for dogs! Here are a few reasons why you should, too. Lonely Days and Lonely Nights Dogs get lonely. With how much time we spend out of the house at work, commuting, seeing friends, and so on, it’s really not surprising that our pets would start to feel a little isolated, especially when you consider that 59% of American dog owners only have one dog. According to a study done by the American Animal Hospital Association, over 40% of pet owners got a second pet solely to keep the f

The Benefits of Neutering/Spaying Your Pets

Are you considering adopting a dog or a cat? Pets can be a wonderful addition to any household, but before you bring one home, it is important to consider all the responsibilities of pet ownership. Aside from providing them with affection, food, and water, it will be up to you to take them to the vet for checkups to protect them and any other animals who come in contact with them. Over time, this can result in many decisions about how best to balance your budget while still giving your pet the best possible quality of life. One of the best decisions you can make is neutering or spaying a cat or dog that you’re bringing into your home. The cost of this surgery may seem daunting at first, but in reality, it is much cheaper than caring for litter after litter of puppies or kittens. Moreover,

Reasons to Test for Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Regularly

When owning and caring for an animal, consistently checking their health and ensuring a clean environment, can be as important the animal’s health as it would be to a person. Farm animals in particular are more exposed to the possibility of contracting illnesses considering that they are out in the open and in less controlled environments. Horses are a common animal on farms and because they are usually used for their strength and stamina, keeping them healthy is vastly important. One condition that poses a serious risk to them is equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV). This disease is usually transmitted through blood sucking insects such as horse flies. EIVA is so contagious to horses, that just one-fifth of a teaspoon of blood from an animal with a chronic case of this illness during a

You Love Your Dog, Give Her the Treatment She Deserves

You love your dog. In fact 66% of people polled said they view their pet as their best friend, but let?s be honest, for lots of us they?re just like our kids. And when someone in the family needs medical help, be it preventative care or urgent care, we take them to the best doctor we can find. Shouldn?t we look at veterinary services the same way for our dogs? Take Care of Your Dog with Quality Veterinary Care Just like humans, animals need regular check ups and shots to remain happy and healthy pets. Sadly, nearly 20% of dog owners did not take their dog or dogs for basic veterinary service

When It’s Time To See The Vet

Providing health care for animals that you own is the responsibility of every pet owner. Taking your pet to the animal hospital is something no pet owner wants to have to do, yet every pet should receive advanced veterinary care to prevent from risk of injury or illness. Finding the appropriate pet health solutions early on will spare you from making a more serious trip to the veterinary hospital later on. Around 32% of homeowners own cats, and around 37.2% have dogs. Cats and dogs account for 80% of the animals treated by the veterinary industry. A veterinarian for small animals will likely see most of their patients in a clinic or hospital, where a veterinarian for large animals will often drive to the animal’s facility to provide advanced veterinary care. Common procedures include pet surgery