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What To Expect for an Annual Wellness Pet Exam

Are you taking your pet for an annual physical exam and are wondering what the purpose of it is? In this video, a veterinarian explains the benefits a veterinarian check up provides.

Initially when the pet comes in, the vet will take their vitals. Similar to a human check-up, vitals are important to get a basic understanding of the pet’s current health.

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Additionally, the vet will ask the owner questions about how their pet has been doing. Factors like their appetite, behavior, and sleep are important to mention. Questions are a great step for preventative care, especially for illnesses that have clear warning signs. Next is the actual medical examination. This vet starts with the eyes and goes all the way down to the tail. In addition to the vet touching the pet, they will also watch the way they react to certain things and how they walk. Ears and teeth are also an important part of the body to check. Teeth are an issue that many pets, especially dogs, suffer from if not taken care of correctly. Lastly, they will feel for any lumps or bumps that could be a cause for concern.


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