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Keeping your dog’s eyes healthy for life

For many Americans dogs are more than pets, they are treasured members of the family. Just like other members of the family our furry friends may sometimes experience health problems related to age or a medical condition. One of the scariest examples of this is when your dog develops dog vision problems. Dog vision problems stem from a variety of sources, some treatable, some sadly not. However knowing the symptoms, and causes of some of the most common dog vision problems can make you a more informed and smarter pet owner and one able to make better decisions for your pet’s health.

First off let’s talk about symptoms. The symptoms of dog vision problems vary from condition to condition and even between breeds, but in general if your dog is experiencing any of the following you should consider talking with a vet about your concerns. Pay careful attention if you notice your dog has: closed eyes, is avoiding sunlight, excessive tearing, rubs their face or eyes, or has bulging eyes or persistent redness. Any of these behaviors or conditions might signal a vision problem but only a trained veterinarian can tell you for sure.

Common causes of dog vision problems include many of the same conditions found in humans. Cataracts, in-grown eyelids, pink eye, and corneal ulcers, are all human vision problems that can also effect dogs. There are other vision problems specific to individual breeds that you should discuss with your breeder or veterinarian before purchasing a dog.

Dog vision problems might seem scary, the illness of a loved one is always stressful, but with a little research and knowledge you can arm yourself with the facts and figures necessary to get the best treatment for your dog. So research dog vision problems, your pet will be glad you did.

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