Dog Cataract Surgery

The relationship between a canine and their owner is a bond that is unbreakable when compared to other types of pets. Dog owners have a great deal of responsibility to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Unfortunately, dogs sometimes experience health problems that are only remedied by surgery. One common type for them is dog cataract surgery. Dog cataract surgery is becoming more prevalent these days since we now recognize that dogs can see better and live a higher quality life because of it. The good news is today’s science and technology is advancing has really helped to develop successful dog cataract surgery procedures.

State of the art technology has made it possible to a achieve a high level of success for dog cataract surgery. This news is something the dog owners can greatly appreciate. There are many different levels of cataracts that a dog can develop, like immature, mature and hyper mature cataracts. All stages of this eye disease can be treated by dog cataract surgery. Dog owners should be aware of dog cataract surgery a common surgery for dogs nowadays. They undergo the same procedures as humans and the exact same procedure and technology used to remove human cataracts is the same procedure done in dog cataract surgery.

It’s important for dog owners to be aware their dog’s eye health and the potential for their dog to need dog cataract surgery. It’s advised that dog owners speak to a canine ophthalmologist in order to determine the best course of action for their dog. Not all cases of cataracts will call for dog cataract surgery, as some cataracts can be treated with eye drops. Many times cataracts develop around the sides of the eyes that don’t affect the dog’s vision too.

Speaking to a canine ophthalmologist is the best option for dog owners to determine whether or not their dog will need dog cataract surgery. The dog will need to have regular eye check ups to follow the progression if a cataract is developing. The process of dog cataract surgery involves making a tiny incision within the eye. Once the cut has been made, special equipment is used to remove the cataract. If an eye lens needs to be removed, an artificial lens will take its place.

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