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4 Steps to Finding a Pet Boarding Facility Rather Than a Kennel

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Dogs have been deemed man’s best friend and with good reason. They easily brighten your day when you are down, they bring comfort, joy, and security. They even act as guards to the blind or those with neurological illnesses. It is only right that they are catered for when you decide to travel and are unable to bring your furry family member along with you. This is where dog boarding comes into play. These facilities are like dog hotels and offer care services for dogs whose owners are away for a night or more. Having your dog at a boarding will be good for them because they will be lodging with other dogs – ensuring that your pet will not be lonely and have a good time. This article will look to answer your questions like, “What is the best boarding facility for dogs near me? How can I become a dog boarder? What are the best boarding places for dogs ?” It will also look at why these facilities are the best alternative for leaving your beloved dog in a kennel at home, and why you should consider leaving them in the hands of best dog sitting service in your area.

If you have a wonderful furry friend but either travel often, or are planning to travel soon, you might be apprehensive about putting your pet in a kennel. This is a legitimate concern because your dog might be scared and/or mistreated. One alternative to a kennel would be to ask a family member or friend to watch your pet, however, this might not be an option for many. Another alternative can be to find a vet who offers pet boarding. Pet boarding facilities are basically doggy day cares, but long-term and overnight. This is a perfect option for those who need to travel, but just can’t fathom leaving their pet at a kennel. Below are a few of the things you should look for when trying to find a long-term doggy daycare.

Find a vet who offers pet boarding

The first step to this process is to, obviously, find pet boarding. Many vets offer this, however, you may be better off finding a veterinary hospital for this reason, rather than your typical vet. In other words, you might decide to keep your regular vet and find an emergency pet hospital for when you need pet boarding. Most of the veterinary hospitals would have pet boarding listed on their website if they offered it. If you decide to find a veterinary hospital for pet boarding, you’ll want to also inform your regular vet so they can transfer your pet’s records. Also let them know that you need them transferred simply for pet boarding, not because you’re switching vets. You won’t want to burn bridges with your vet as your healthy pet needs a check-up every year!

Find a facility who will take your animals on walks

Animals love to stay active and unfortunately, one of the downsides of kennels are that your animal is in a small, enclosed space. To make sure your pet stays active while you’re away, look for a boarding facility who will take your animals on one or two walks per day. You’ll want to inquire whether or not these walks will be outside, as your pets are likely used to experiencing fresh air each day.

Find a facility who will provide the pets with fun activities

While most pet boarding facilities will take your pets on walks, only some provide the pets with fun activities. If you ask, they might even provide obedience training or socializing with other animals.

Find a facility that is clean and friendly

One of the downsides of a kennel is that your pets can pick up diseases from other animals and the uncleanliness of the facility. You’ll want to find a pet boarding facility that will be clean and promote friendly encounters between pets. If you know your pet does not get along with other pets, this is something that you should inform the pet boarding facility about before you leave.

Have you ever had your pet stay at a boarding facility? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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