Three Things You Need to Know About Puppy Mills

Chocolate labradoodle puppies

If you’re trying to find chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale, you need to find a breeder. Here’s why.
Puppy Mills Are More Common Than You Might Think.
Buying Australian labradoodles for sale anywhere else other than breeders may actually support puppy mills, commercial dog breeding facilities that focus on profit rather than the animals’ health and well being. There are about 10,000 of these inhumane puppy mills in the U.S. at least, according to the ASPCA, and about 99% of the dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills. The only way to find humanely bred chocolate labradoodle puppies is really to go to a breeder.
Dogs From Puppy Mills Have Serious Problems.
Those who buy chocolate labradoodle puppies from puppy mill buy dogs who have serious medical problems. Because these operations are so focused on making a profit rather than humanely breeding companions, they force dogs to breed over and over and over again, disregarding their health and welfare. Not only do these pets have to deal with neglect, under nourishment, and lack of socialization, but also all of the medical problems of inbreeding.
Puppy Mills Are Incredibly Lucrative Operations.
Though you might think that people wouldn’t buy chocolate labradoodle puppies that have so many medical problems, these issues usually manifest later on in life. The problems are rarely ever so apparent. Consequently, puppy mills can get away with their inhumane practices, and make a huge profit as a result. In fact, puppy mills can make more than $300,000 in a year.
If you want to buy chocolate labradoodle puppies, buy them from an Australian labradoodle breeder. This is the only way to guarantee that your chocolate labradoodle puppies are humanely bred, and healthy. What’s more, doing business with breeders takes away business from puppy mills, helping to force them out of business.
If you have any questions about avoiding puppy mills when shopping for chocolate labradoodle puppies, feel free to share in the comments.

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