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Online Veterinary Care The Basics of a Rising Trend For Pet Owners

Pet wellness

Own a pet? Who doesn’t! Americans have always loved their pets. Pets are part of the family in many an American household. In the 1970s, there were about 67 million households in the United States that had at least one pet. By 2012, that number topped 164 million! There are 83 million dogs and 96 million cats today that comfortably snooze on the couch or scratch the doorjamb in an American home.

Good pet owners love their pets. They’re part of the family! Pet wellness and pet illness are high priorities for any good pet owner. If your pet ate chocolate, something very toxic to some animals, veterinarians are there to help them recover. In general, vets recommend that pets, sick or not, see them at least once a year if they’re younger than eight and twice a year if they’re older. Veterinary care is simply a must for any responsible pet owner.

However, sometimes pet owners struggle to find time to visit a vet’s office, and vets can have trouble accommodating all the patients in their area. Setting up an appointment can be quite difficult, if not frustrating. Fortunately, the recent rise of mobile and web apps offer pet owners a whole new way of going about veterinary care. Web veterinarians offer safe, effective, and convenient vet care to pets of all shapes in sizes right in the comfort of your home. With online vet care, a pet can be examined and diagnosed by a licensed vet over a webchat. Nowadays, most computers automatically come with a webcam. As such, virtual vet care is pretty accessible to the average pet owner. Vets can examine pets, offer veterinary opinions, and can even prescribe medication online. Getting quality vet care has never been as simple.

If your pet ate chocolate recently or simply needs its annual checkup, consider online vet care. For more information, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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