How to Teach Your Dog to Sit Like a Boss

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Teaching black labradoodle puppies to sit might seem like a tough challenge to anyone who’s never owned a dog before, but these canines are smart, and can pick up on things quickly. First time pet owners just need a little help and guidance if they want their new, furry friends to sit on command.

Here are a few of the tricks Australian labradoodle breeders use to train their chocolate labradoodle puppies to sit.

What to Do.

When teaching your puppy to sit, you need to get on its level. Present it with a treat, and raise your hand. As you do, the dog will raise its head, and its haunches will lower. When its butt hits the floor, give it the treat, and say “sit.” Be sure to praise it and give some affection, too.

How to Do It.

You’re not going to want to hold the treat so high that the dog jumps for it, nor so close that it tries to snatch if from your hand. Instead, show the treat, and then close your hand, holding it just high enough for the dog to stretch its neck.

When to Do It.

Your dog isn’t going to learn to sit if you do this once, and it won’t learn if you do this for an hour in one time. You need to have several different training sessions. It’s best to do this a few times every day, such as before each meal, and maybe before it goes out for a walk. It’s particularly a good idea to train it before going for a walk because it decreases the chance of the dog bolting when the door gets opened.

Standard Australian labradoodles are smart dogs, and can learn to sit quickly if taught correctly. If you know of any other tips to help teach black labradoodle puppies to sit, feel free to share them in the comments.

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