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Ready For A Dog? What You Should Think About First

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A survey of 1,000 family doctors and general practitioners even revealed that 97% of doctors believe in the many health benefits that come with owning happy and healthy pets. Furthermore, 60% of those doctors would recommend a pet to improve a patient’s health! Before deciding to get a dog … and what kind you want … here are a few things to consider.

1. Are You Financially Prepared For A Dog?

Happy and healthy pets require not only “basic” pet care … a loving home, food, and shelter, for example … but a good veterinarian. However, in case of emergency or even common ailments like a cold or fleas, you can rest assured knowing that dog urgent care is available. Urgent pet care offers things like tests and vaccinations, and various other vet services, at a reasonable price, making proper pet ownership more attainable for all

2. Do You Want To Adopt Or Buy?

Another important thing to consider when choosing a dog is what kind of breed you wish to own. Remember that many dogs wait for homes at animal shelters; these are happy and healthy pets desperate for owners, and adopting a dog from a shelter is saving a life. If you wish to own a specific breed of dog, there are plenty in breed rescues. However, should you choose to go with a breeder, make sure that you background … check them first.

3. What Kind Of Dog Is Right For You?

Do you have children? Do you live in an apartment, or a house? How often are you willing to walk your dog? These and many other factors are all things you should consider when choosing a dog; if you want a specific breed, you may have an idea of what the dog’s personality will be like, but nevertheless meet the dog or puppy in person before finalizing your decision.

4. Are You Completely Ready For A Dog?

After all the other questions, this may seem silly. Nonetheless, the average dog has a lifespan of 8 to 16 years; that’s a major commitment. Know that if you care for your dog properly, it will give you endless love and devotion, with 66% of those surveyed saying they view their dog as a best friend. Your dog deserves the same treatment back!

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