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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Pooch on a Dating Site for Dogs

Doggie dating site

Here in America, we love our pets. In 2012, 62% of American households had at least one, and we spend over $50 billion on their care and pampering every year. We would do anything for our fur babies– and now we can take it to the next level by enrolling them in a dating site for dogs! Here are a few reasons why you should, too.

  1. Lonely Days and Lonely NightsDogs get lonely. With how much time we spend out of the house at work, commuting, seeing friends, and so on, it’s really not surprising that our pets would start to feel a little isolated, especially when you consider that 59% of American dog owners only have one dog. According to a study done by the American Animal Hospital Association, over 40% of pet owners got a second pet solely to keep the first one company. Fortunately, even 20 minutes of companionship with a dog walker or interaction with other people or pups on the street can have a big impact on improving your dog’s mood. But keeping your furry friend happy doesn’t come cheap– in American cities, dog owners report that they are willing to spend up to $100 a week for someone to keep their pets occupied while they’re at work. Taking out one week of vacation, that comes to a total of $5,100 every year. That’s a little over 10% of the annual income of an average New York City resident in 2012.

    Even if you are making sure Fido has company while you’re away, he’d rather have some fun with his favorite human around. Using a dating site for dogs, you can set up dog playdates with other pups in your area on the weekends, so he can have some fun with you around to join in.

  2. Finicky FriendshipsEven if your dog is lonely, she won’t necessarily want to hang out with just anyone. While some pups want to be friends with everything that moves, others are a bit more picky. It’s good for your furry friend to get out and stretch her legs while you’re at work all day, but what if she doesn’t particularly hit it off with the walker’s other charges? You could go browse around the dog park, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be there at just the right time to meet your buddy’s bestie.

    A pet dating site has your back. By just hopping online, you can find a pooch with a personality and interests that are sure to be a hit with your princess, and schedule meet-ups at your house or the local dog park. If they’re nearby, maybe you could even set them up with the same dog walker!

  3. Doggie DatingSo your dog is ready to add a new puppy (or six) to the family– where do you start? Will your furry friend find the one when their eyes meet across a crowded grooming parlor? Do you have to join an exclusive society for dog breeders?

    That sounds a little intimidating, but a dating site for dogs sounds like it’s just the ticket. You can browse potential matches in your area, choose which breeds you do or don’t want, and connect with other pet parents who love their fur babies as much as you do. Just by firing up the laptop you can help your pooch find a sweet guy or gal with a pretty face and a gentle disposition to make your grand-puppies.

Do you already use a dating site for your dog? Are you interested in trying? What do you/would you use it for?

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