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Give a dog a safe little place

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When you choose to sponsor a homeless pet, you’re helping that animal in more ways than you can count. These animals have been abandoned, mistreated, and abused, but they are worthy of a much better life. All you need is 22 pounds a day to help a cat or dog in need – and as we mentioned in the video, you can do it by phone or computer from the comfort of your own home.

The RSPCA’s A Safe Little Place is full of animals just waiting for a home, but we know not everybody can adopt or foster. Whether you have a busy life, work long hours, or simply lack a proper yard… If you can’t care for a pet of your own for whatever reason, sponsoring an animal is the perfect solution.

When you sponsor an animal, it’s so much more than just a donation. You are helping a specific animal have a much better quality of life. You are rescuing them from abuse, neglect, and other undesirable situations. You are giving them a fighting chance to find the love they deserve.

Sponsorship allows A Safe Little Place to give the animals a warm blanket, food, much needed veterinary care, and a warm bath. Each aspect is so important for pet health. Some animals even need rehabilitation to help reverse the effects of the abuse they have endured from previous owners. And while not every animal that comes to us is unhealthy or mistreated, many still need vaccines and spaying or neutering.

Above all, our staff ensures each animal is given lots of love (and lots of walks!) while they wait for their new home. Knowing that you’re helping is extremely rewarding, but you can also stop by the RSPCA to come to visit your furry friend. Getting to meet and spend time with them is a tangible reward that many sponsors love.

We need your help to continue saving the lives of cats and dogs in the UK. Please consider sponsoring an animal today. You have your choice of sponsoring a kennel or a cat pod. It’s as simple as texting the phone number provided in the video or going online. Your help can make such a difference, not just for the cat or dog you sponsor, but in the lives of all the animals because of people like you. Each dollar goes to ensure the animal is as healthy and happy as possible until they find their forever home.

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