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10 Ways Your Family Will Benefit From Adopting a Dog

Has your family been considering the addition of a pet? There are several benefits of adopting a dog that you should keep in mind as you search for your newest family member. Here are 10 benefits of adopting a dog.

Dogs Provide Constant Companionship

Dogs provide us with unconditional love and devoted companionship. Most of us who are dog lovers know that our lives are more complete when owning a dog. But that isn’t only emotion. It’s science.

It has been proven that owning a dog is good for your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Dogs make us happier and healthier and can help when we are faced with a crisis. The companionship a dog offers is like no other. They are there for us when no human can be. Anyone who returns after being away from home to a wagging tail can attest to that.

Dogs also love to go for car rides. So make sure you have some of that companionship while driving around in your Chrysler. You both will benefit from it!

Your Family Will Get More Exercise

Not only is exercise good for humans, but it is also good for your four-legged friend. Dogs love to go for walks. Gather the family together and walk to the park. Make sure you bring the frisbee and take turns throwing it to your pet. You will be surprised at how much better you all will feel after engaging in this activity.

The long walks along sidewalks, paths, and trails can add up. A study has shown that dog owners are four times more likely than those who do not own a dog to meet daily physical activity guidelines. A dog owner spends nearly five hours weekly walking their dogs, three hours more than most people without a dog. It is proven that walking can eliminate lower back pain by strengthening the muscles of the lower back. It is also an excellent way to introduce your children to the benefits of regular exercise. The benefits of adopting a dog only continue. Not only will your four-legged friend love getting exercise, but the entire family benefits, too!

Dogs Lower Stress and Feelings of Anxiety

Another one of the many benefits of adopting a dog is that four-legged companions can provide comfort as well as reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. Multiple studies have proven that therapy dogs and household pets can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been proven that just petting a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, slow breathing, and relax your muscles. An individual enduring a hormone treatment may feel calmer after simply petting their dog, and only 10 minutes of petting a dog can make a significant impact. Participants in a study had a substantial reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which also contributes to excess weight retention.

Dogs can help us recover psychologically from a crisis, such as a death. It was discovered that military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) do better both psychologically and physiologically when they own a service dog. Veterans who have PTSD showed it improved coping skills when they have a service dog. A couple seeking the services of a divorce lawyer may be under stress and need the help of their dogs to get through the pain.

You’ll Be Forced to Perform Some Needed Home Repairs

Any dog owner will tell you there are times when you may need to invest some money repairing your home because of your furry friend, and being forced to make necessary home repairs can serve as another of those benefits of adopting a dog. When you have a puppy to housebreak, they can have accidents on the carpet or your new hardwood flooring. Don’t spend your siding installation money on new flooring. Engage in a little more effort into housebreaking your new friend.

Puppies also like to chew, and it makes no difference to them what they are chewing. A shoe, a dining room chair leg, or a door frame, they will chew anything they have access to, even bulkhead electrical connectors and vacuum cleaner cords. Make sure you purchase them some chew toys. This will help save you time and money in the long run.

Your Kids Will Learn Responsibility

If you want your children to learn how to be responsible, allowing them to have a pet is probably the best way to achieve that. Especially a dog! Most children love dogs and are usually more than willing to share in the care of them.

If you have young children, give them a chore to do concerning the dog that will be easy for them, such as filling the water dish or picking up the dog’s toys. They may be willing to pick up the dog’s toys even if they don’t want to pick up their own.

As the child gets older, allow them to take the dog for a walk around the block if neighborhood safety is not an issue. But make sure the leash is fastened securely. An older child could also feed the dog and help with the necessary yard clean-up.

Also, the costs of owning a dog will be made evident to the kids. The cost of food, veterinarian visits, and city dog licensing, will ensure they are aware of dog ownership’s monetary responsibility. It is an excellent lesson to learn early.

Clean-Up Will Be Essential to the Dog’s Wellbeing

Another one of the many benefits of adopting a dog is the need to clean your home. Cleanliness is important in many ways. While cleaning up after your pet is one of the more unpleasant aspects of dog ownership, it is one dog lovers do willingly. Dogs are intelligent animals. They can feel shame and can react to our adverse reactions. So if your companion has gotten sick or had an accident on your new carpet, be careful how you react. They can sense your displeasure.

If you have access to online gaming servers, sit down with your friend and play a video game with your new pup on your lap. It is a good way for you to socialize, and it is excellent for your dog’s wellbeing.

Owning a Pet Allows for More Socialization

Dogs can be there for you when people cannot. Dog ownership helps to reduce loneliness, which is another one of the benefits of adopting a dog. Most will agree that human/pet interactions can help address social isolation. When you are walking with your canine friend, people tend to regard us as more approachable and are willing to start a conversation. You will be surprised at how many new friends you will make while at the dog park.

Another study has found that 40% of those owning dogs had an easier time adjusting to making friends. Dogs are the best way to get to know people and turn them into lasting friends. It has been proven that people who have a strong attachment to their dog also feel more connected in their human relationships. Seniors have experienced positive effects when they own a dog. Their cognitive function improves after undergoing pet therapy, and seniors suffering from agitation due to dementia have had that behavior decreases greatly after interacting with a dog. Their overall social interaction with others improves significantly.

If you are single and wish you had a more active social life, get a dog. A dog’s presence makes people appear more attractive, likable, and approachable. Studies have shown that men were more likely to get a positive reaction when asking for a phone number if they had a dog with them, probably because they appear more trustworthy and kind.

Do you have a profile on a dating site? If you do and own a dog, make sure you include plenty of pictures of your dog. People in photographs looked happier and more relaxed if there is a dog in the photo with them. Again, it makes you look more approachable, kind, and trustworthy. Want to improve your social life? Get a dog! It’s better than trying to meet people while searching for genuine Mercedes parts at an auto center or grocery shopping at your local market.

Dogs Can Provide Safety in Emergency Situations

Looking for even more benefits of adopting a dog? It has been proven that owning a dog can help you live longer — which is a pretty amazing benefit! Studies have shown that dog owners had a lower risk of death, have lower blood pressure, and improved responses to stress. Despite this advantage to owning a dog, people do get sick and develop medical conditions. Dogs can be trained to recognize when their owner is having a heart attack, a seizure, or other medical situations that could seriously impact one’s life.

Dogs have been known to alert their family if a fire breaks out in the home or if someone is attempting to rob the house. A dog would be a great addition to your home’s security system.

You Can Train Your Pup to Be a Service Dog

What is a service dog? A dog specially trained to perform work for an individual with a disability. They are valued working partners and companions for millions of Americans. The most common service dog breeds are Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds.

Service dogs have become more common, but the problems resulting from a lack of understanding of service dog training, working functions, and public facilities access are more common. As a result of these ongoing issues, the AKC Government Relations has been working with Congress, regulatory agencies, leading service dog trainers and providers, and people in the transportation and hospitality industries to solve these issues.

The benefits of adopting a dog go even further. Service dogs continue to help more and more people in different ways. In the 1920s, a service dog was a German Shepherd, Seeing Eye Dog. Service dogs are now trained from various breeds and perform a wide variety of tasks to allow individuals with individuals to live more independently. According to the ADA, a service dog is specifically trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, such as a mental or physical condition substantially limiting the individual’s life. The service dog is trained to perform a specific action when needed to assist its owner with their disability.

For example, a guide dog will help visually impaired and blind individuals navigate their environments. Hearing dogs alert the hearing impaired and deaf individuals to necessary sounds. Mobility dogs help people who use wheelchairs and walkers. A medical alert dog can signal the start of a medical problem, such as low blood sugar, a seizure, alert its owner to the allergens in food, and many other functions.

With a professional service dog trainer, it is possible to train your companion to be a service dog, but it takes time and devotion to accomplish this. You wouldn’t consider buying a dental practice or an accounting office without the degrees to substantiate this move. Unless there is someone in your immediate family requiring the help of a service dog, let your pet be your pet.

Live-In Elderly Grandparents Will Always Have Company

The golden years are a time when many adults can enjoy life. However, during this time, they can experience health problems that can cause depression, sadness, and loneliness. How to remedy that? Get them a dog! Trends have shown that a household with a dog or two helps to liven up the home, as this writer can attest! Certain breeds are better for senior companionship than others. Some of the best dog breeds for your senior loved one include beagles, pugs, poodles, greyhounds, and cocker spaniels.

If you are wondering why some of these breeds are recommended for seniors, do some research. You will find that all of these dogs have beautiful qualities that an older person will appreciate. The unconditional love and support a dog can provide a senior obtaining in-home personal care services are invaluable.

The benefits of adopting a dog go on and on. Whether you are a single person, in a relationship, or have children, a dog can add so much to your lives. Adopting a dog from a shelter is a kind and loving thing to do. He or she will thank you every day of his life, and you will benefit from his thanks and wonder what you ever did without him.

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