Top Apps for Veterinarians

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Americans love their pets.  In fact, pet ownership has tripled since the 1970s.  Back then, 67 million households claimed pet ownership compared to the 164 million that did in 2012.  More than $50 billion is spent annually in the United States on pets and 67% of people who own pets buy them gifts for the holidays such as toys. That’s a lot of people caring about pet wellness.

Veterinarians suggest pets get check-ups twice a year.  Now, in addition to that sage advice, they  can give pet IT support in the form of a veterinarian app or two.  Pet owners can stay on top of pet wellness with their mobile device.  Here are a few top picks:

  • Pet Pal:  This allows people to monitor all of their pet’s health particulars such as weight, medications and health history.  It also has a calendar function to allow people to put in key appointments and treatments.  Important numbers can be stored in it as well.
  • Dosecast:  This was initially developed for people to keep track of their medications.  Users can put in a list of drugs and their dosages, instructions about how to give the medications.  It can be used to set reminders for when the medication is to be administered.  The free version only includes pills but the premium includes inhalers and injections and everything else.  It also lets owners input information for more than one animal.
  • Pet First Aid:  This app is a lot like a virtual veterinarian.  It gives a number of emergency situations along with what to do.  It shows users how to check the vital signs of a pet and comes with a list of supplies for a pet emergency kit.  Fifteen veterinarian videos come with this app, too.
  • PupTox: This is a really great one for those who really care about pet wellness. It has information on more than 200 toxic substances and a chart showing toxicity levels.  The call button to get through the ASPCA Pet Poison Helpline pushes it over the top for being great.

But the best app would have to be… Yours!  Seriously, though, if you are a veterinarian and you do not have an app — get one!  It’s a great way to communicate with your clients.  There are easy ways to get one as a developer has already put together templates, just head over to iTunes or Google Play and download then Vet App.  Your clients will appreciate you being so accessible to them when they have a pet illness or have pet wellness concerns.

Veterinarians have a lot more tools at their disposal now than at any time before.  Not only are the tools of the trade and medicines and treatments that can be delivered better but the ways in which they can communicate with their clients make it easier than ever to maintain pet wellness.  With 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats in America, the veterinarians have their hands full!

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