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3 Essential Qualities of a Veterinarian for Small Animals

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A veterinarian for small animals is one of the more commonly overlooked, but important jobs in U.S. society. We’re a country that loves our pets. Approximately 37% of homeowners own dogs and 32% have cats. While they’re health is certainly not as crucial as that of our family or friends, it does rank highly on the average owners importance scale. When you take your pet in to a veterinary care center you want to be sure you’re leaving it in capable and responsible hands. There has to be a level of trust as you can’t ask your pet for a review afterwards. Here are three essential qualities every veterinarian for small animals should posses.

    1.) Experience: First and foremost a vet has to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field. This comes from years of schooling and working under other more established vets to learn from. If your vet is still relatively new to the profession it’s not a bad idea to get a second opinion if there is a possibility of something major being discussed like pet surgery. Even the most experienced doctors can have differing opinions when it comes to human surgery so there’s no reason to think every veterinarian for small animals will have identical ones.

    2.) Care: The best vets are ones that truly care about the animals they’re charged with helping and their owners. It’s one thing to get all the right shots and treatments and be locked away until you come back to pick your pet up. It brings the process up a notch if they take the time to show your pet some tender love and care during the process. Dogs and cats should see a vet once a year so it’s worth it to find a vet that will enjoy their company and make the visit as painless as possible for them.

    3.) Determination: If care is the primary attribute pet owners are looking for, determination is the one employers are. Being a veterinarian can be a demanding, challenging job. In fact, over 61% of vets will suffer an animal-related injury that causes them to be hospitalized or lose significant time at work during the course of their careers. If you can’t get back up from the common cuts, bites, and scrapes associated with working with animals every day, this isn’t the profession for you.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a vet that fits these qualities as most who get into the field will probably be inherently disposed to such. Still, keep an eye on your vets demeanor and poise on your next visit and decide if they deserve your trust in taking care of your pet.

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