When It’s Time To See The Vet

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Providing health care for animals that you own is the responsibility of every pet owner. Taking your pet to the animal hospital is something no pet owner wants to have to do, yet every pet should receive advanced veterinary care to prevent from risk of injury or illness. Finding the appropriate pet health solutions early on will spare you from making a more serious trip to the veterinary hospital later on.

Around 32% of homeowners own cats, and around 37.2% have dogs. Cats and dogs account for 80% of the animals treated by the veterinary industry. A veterinarian for small animals will likely see most of their patients in a clinic or hospital, where a veterinarian for large animals will often drive to the animal’s facility to provide advanced veterinary care. Common procedures include pet surgery, teeth inspection, tumor removal, gum inspection, or veterinary dental x-rays.

In addition to performing procedures, a veterinarian in North Carolina may offer prescription diets or pet food suggestions that you can use to ensure your pet’s well being in the long term. Veterinarians also have medicine for animals and can provide emergency vet care if your animal swallows something toxic or has a sudden unexpected medical issue. As it is, pets should generally receive certain antibiotics on a regular basis after their problems have subsided, just to maintain health and a strong immune system. Talk to a veterinarian to see what course of treatment is right for your pet.

How often should your animal receive advanced veterinary care? Dogs and cats under the age of 10 should see a veterinarian annually, and every six months once they go beyond that age. In between visits to the professionals, you can find veterinarian advice for cats and dogs online, and apply some of it to your pet’s situation.

Veterinary visits can be stressful and expensive, but they are the obligation of anyone entrusted with the life of a domesticated animal. Veterinarians can be very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process of owning a pet. Don’t neglect to visit them if you want your pet to have a long and happy life.

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