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You Love Your Dog, Give Her the Treatment She Deserves

After a vaccination

You love your dog. In fact 66% of people polled said they view their pet as their best friend, but let?s be honest, for lots of us they?re just like our kids. And when someone in the family needs medical help, be it preventative care or urgent care, we take them to the best doctor we can find. Shouldn?t we look at veterinary services the same way for our dogs?

Take Care of Your Dog with Quality Veterinary Care

Just like humans, animals need regular check ups and shots to remain happy and healthy pets. Sadly, nearly 20% of dog owners did not take their dog or dogs for basic veterinary services in 2011, although vets recommend a yearly checkup for animals ages seven to 10.

Having a vet you trust will help you and your pet for their whole life. With regular veterinary services, veterinarians can find early evidence of dental disease in animals as young as two to three years of age, preventing issues before they happen. And a good vet knows that puppies need to be vaccinated at two, three and four months, and then once a year with a combination vaccine (called a ?5-in-1?). Your veterinarian will give your dog all the latest tests and vaccinations that meet the current recommendations.

Help Your Dog Live Longer

The average dog?s lifespan varies from eight to 16 years of age, depending on the size, breed type, genetic propensities, and the quality of care given. Spaying can also help to protect your dog?s health, because spaying helps prevent breast cancer and uterine infections; breast cancer is fatal in about half of all dogs. And, not only does spaying and neutering your male dog help prevent unwanted puppies, if done prior to six months old, it helps prevent testicular cancer.

No one questions your love for your dog, but when was the last time you took it to the vet? It?s time to make an appointment at your local pet clinic for a check up and basic veterinary services. You?ll both be glad you did.

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