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3 Essential Qualities of a Veterinarian for Small Animals

A veterinarian for small animals is one of the more commonly overlooked, but important jobs in U.S. society. We’re a country that loves our pets. Approximately 37% of homeowners own dogs and 32% have cats. While they’re health is certainly…

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Three Things You Need to Know About Puppy Mills

If you’re trying to find chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale, you need to find a breeder. Here’s why. Puppy Mills Are More Common Than You Might Think. Buying Australian labradoodles for sale anywhere else other than breeders may actually support…

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4 Steps to Finding a Pet Boarding Facility Rather Than a Kennel

Dogs have been deemed man’s best friend and with good reason. They easily brighten your day when you are down, they bring comfort, joy, and security. They even act as guards to the blind or those with neurological illnesses. It…

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